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Why Turn to GanooTech ?

GanooTech is a key strategic solutions provider with years of real-world experience operating Ecometry Commerce Suite on the Open Systems platform. We specialize in providing small to large-size organizations with personalized, cost effective solutions to operate and manage Ecometry Commerce Suite.

Our Experience in managing Ecometry open systems sets us Apart.
Our Clients will always have access to their own full backups (database and windows server) weekly and daily incremental at any given point in time - That's our Promise.

Our strategic technology solutions are supported and designed by team with over twenty years of experience in system and database architecture and design; implementations of numerous projects, both big and small, using industry standard ‘best’ practices; and six-plus years experience exclusively on Ecometry Open Systems, including run-rate management of multiple client hosting arrangements.

GanooTech offers hosting of Ecometry® Commerce Suite on Open Systems from our state of the art co-location.  Our data center has redundant facilities including power, HVAC system, security, and internet access, allowing for maximum uptime and availability for our customers.


On-Demand Reporting: Our unique real-time database engine provides on-Demand reporting for your Purchasing, Marketing and Accounting personnel.
It will help them in their day to day operations by providing them real time information to make important decisions.

GanooTech Managed Ecometry® Hosting Suite:

Why choose Managed Hosting for EcometryŽ Open System?


Application Hosting is a service where your Ecometry Open Systems application is hosted on Our servers. Your firm owns all the rights to the software and can access it whenever you want. Your firm retains access but does not have to deal with the operational hassles of running the servers. We take care of all the operational details like, security, backups, making sure the machines are load-balanced, and making sure they are available to you when they are needed.

Web Development : We can develop using the industries best Microsoft .Net 2.0 platform to develop and host a fully integrated with Ecometry® Open Systems website using COM object or Ecometry® ’s .Net framework based website.
XML Interceptor: This will intercept XML data passed between Ecometry system and Warehouse Management System (WMS)
Application will store the data in the database send notifications wherever a failure occurs in this process On Success it will forward the data to the existing flow.

This tool is very useful for the clients having WMS like Manhattan or JD Edwards.

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